Ski @ Mt. High

ooohhhh….yeee..ahhh….After the ski trip yesterday, my muscle and my bones literally felt like they’re breaking apart now.

Yesterday I went to Mt High to ski with some of Homer’s friends. Originally they planned to rent a cabin and stayed over night there. But we couldn’t get a cabin in time, so we made it into an one-day trip. I haven’t ski for a long time. I think the last time I went to ski was in high school. Therefore I was a little bit nervous about going to ski and afraid of breaking my bones. Most of the people we went with wanted to snowboard, except me and this other girl. I was a bit relieved to know that someone else will ski along with me. However, I just found out yesterday that she’s an expert in skiing. She has been skiing for over 10 years!

This trip turns out the to be a pretty good ski trip for me. During each previous trips, I could only ski for 2 or 3 times down the hills then I would be exhausted. Yesterday I must have went up and down the slopes for at least 7 or 8 times. After so many years, I was surprised that I still remembered how to balance and make turns.The only problem is I didn’t know how to control my speed. The skiers there yesterday probably felt bizarre to see a girl going straight down the hills at the speed of 90 mph and screaming on top of her lungs. Even my ski expert friend said she couldn’t catch up with me!  However, I still had a lot of fun yesterday even though I fell a couple times.

Towards the end, everyone in my group went up to the intermediate or even black diamond except me. I was too chicken to even try out the steeper slopes. I figured I would be skiing down the slopes with speed of 120 mph if I went up there.

Now my arms and my legs felt so sore even squeezing a tooth paste tube hurts. Every time I got up from chair I had to lift myself up slowly to avoid any pain. After this ski trip, I think I’ll wait a few more years until  I can ski again!

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