Mexico Cruise

Yes I’m back from my trip! All sun tanned and very fatigue. It was definitely a fun and memorable trip! I’ve done a lot of things I’ve never did before! It was also the greatest vacation I’ve ever taken before. If anyone is interested in a cruise vacation, I would definitely recommend it. They provide the best service, delicious food, and great entertainment, all for just one price! It’s really worth it!

Here is a brief journal of my trip to Mexico:

Day 1 First day on board

  • Our travel agent took our tickets away so it took a long time to process our tickets during check-in. Took 2 hours waiting in line and finally got on board.
  • This family who were split into 2 tables insisted on sitting together at our table so we didn’t have enough seats. The Maitre D’s assigned them to another table. We were very happy to get rid of them.
  • Met our Headwaiter Gabor who’s from Hungary. He’s very funny and charismatic. Our assistant waiter is Santiago from Philippine.
  • Watched the Welcome Show at Mikado Lounge, hosted by the Cruise Director Simon (a funny but kinda gay Englishman)

Day 2 Fun day at Sea

  • Went exercising and got very sore afterwards
  • Sunbathing on the deck and went to jacuzzi. Frank and Simpson got sun burned badly.
  •  Formal Nights: We all dressed up formally and took lots of pictures
  • Played “Catch the Ghost” card games. Frank lost 5 games and owed 5 tequila shots
  • Found cute animals made of towels placed on top of our beds.

Day 3 Another Fun day at Sea

  • Boat passes by Cabo San Lucas
  • Found indoor jacuzzi in the Spa and Exercise center. Relax in the jacuzzi and also sun bathing afterwards on the decks.
  • A red hair guy flirting with both Christine and me
  • Simpson and Jolyn found their idol in the classical trio
  • Watched Lat Night Adult Comedy Show starring Merl Hobbs

Day 4 Puerto Vallarta

  • Got my facial done for the first time!
  • Cruising around the streets of Puerto Vallarta. The heat wave drove us inside a Mexican restaurant for lunch.
  • Horseback riding & swimming with horses
  • Bought a bottle of tequila and disguised it by pouring it into a water bottle and sneaked it back into the ship

Day 5 Mazatlan

  • Went kayaking at Deer Island and met a very cute kayak instructor (He’s actually from New  Zealand)
  • A small boat took us to the Golden Zone of Mazatlan, where we share a delicious $68 Lobster and Shrimps Fiesta!!
  • A crazy taxi driver driving a small golf car took us back to the boat.

Day 6 Cabo San Lucas

  • Woke up at 6am to go to Snorkeling
  •  Went into the water for 5 minutes and got bitten by jellyfish. Swolen red bumps appear all over our legs and arms
  • The Mexican treated us tequila and beer. The boys had way too much shots and were very drunk.
  • Another formal nights

Day 7 Fun day at sea back to LA

  • Our body all sore, sun burnt and red bumps from jellyfish bites
  • Watched games like Battle of the Sexes, Ultimate Mind Game and Newlywed Not So Newlywed Show. Played 10 Bingo games
  • Drank tequila shots. I got very buzzed and threw up all my dinner after just 1 shot.

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  1. nomisfem Post author

    oh, how i envy you….the pictures just tell all, i knew you guys would had lots of fun~ too bad that i wasn’t there =*(

  2. potater Post author

    Alright Amber! Great job summing up our trip – couldn’t have done it any better by anyone else! *applause applause*

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