LA Zoo

Yesterday Homer and I finally went to LA Zoo, a place that we’ve been talking about going but never actually went. The last time we set out to go to the zoo, his car broke down. So yesterday we FINALLY made our wish come true!

Unfortunately LA Zoo is going through renovation right now. They closed down half of the area and moved the entrance out to the parking lot. The ticket offices are just a bunch of portable houses, looked very ghetto. Yesterday’s weather was sun blazing high 80 degrees. Most of the animals either looked half-dead or were hiding from the heat. I was dying to see the koala bear, but ended up seeing him hanging (LITERALLY hanging!) on a tree branch taking naps. Lion, the king of all animals, was lying on the ground with his eyes half opened. Occasionally he would stand up walking from shade to shade, then lie down again. Some of the major animals, such as elephants or tigers, wouldn’t even come out of their little houses. I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to see them.

But we did see some interesting animal behaviors. We saw two anteaters chasing each other playfully. A giraffe chasing after a peacock that accidentally flew into the giraffe’s area. Six chimpanzees played follow the leader and walked from one side to the other altogether. We also got to see the zoo staff feeding the hippos. They opened their mouth 180 degrees wide and waited for the staff to throw foods into their big mouth. Then they turned away munching the food with a satisfied expression. From time to time they would raise their neck to swallow, then lowered their head again to continue chewing the food. They were so cute! It seems like life is so simple for them, just eating and sleeping everyday!

My mom was making fun of me that I still like to go tothe zoo at my age. In my defense, zoo is a fun place and a great learning environment. You get to learn many things you never knew before about animals. Besides, LA zoo is just one of the places that I promised myself I have to visit in LA. Many people are saying they’re bored of LA and there are no places to go. Well, they just have to really look for places and do some research themselves. My next destinations include: LACMA, Army Museum, Griffith park and observatory.