This past Saturday we went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) to see some of their exhibitions. I’ve been talking about going there for some times now, but never actually went. Last year I went to LACMA for a part-time job interview. I was very impressed by how enormous the museums are. LACMA is composed of several buildings, including the main LACMA East andWest buildings, Japanese Art Pavillion, Modern and Contemporary Art building, Ahmanson Building, and Bing Theater, plus a few sculpture gardens in between. The whole place takes up several blocks on Wilshire in the Museum Row district (between Fairfax and La Brea).

I’m not an art fanatic. But from time to time, I like to go to museums just to look at their collections, enjoy the quiet peaceful environment and learn all sorts of different things. Last Saturday we looked at their American art collections and Japanese art collections. Their American art collections spans from colonial period to 1940’s. Each period has its own unique painting styles and techniques. Each painting also tells different story about the life style and culture during their time period.  The Japanese Art Pavilion is a circular building with screen windows that can protect the paintings from direct sunlight. I don’t understand why they would dedicate an entire building on Japanese art, but not Chinese art. Chinese art is equally important too! Too bad their Chinese and Korean art section is under renovations now. I gotta go back again to check out other collections.

We only spend about 2 hours in LACMA. After lunch, we also walked around Lake Pit. It’s basically a big pond with natural gas leaking from underground. The water is oily and dirty, with gas bubbles floating on surface. To me, it’s an ugly pond. But they actually put fence around the lake and build walkways and bridge in surrounding area. It’s amazing how they could turn such an ugly place into a beautiful park. The sign also says there once were ice age animals trapped under the lake from thousands of years ago. The fossils are being displayed at a museum nearby.

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  1. Oh oh oh! you went to the Brea Tar Pit?! Cool! Last time I was there, they were exhuming the bones of a sabertooth tiger or some kind of wild cat from long ago. Did you see anything this time? It’s cool… ^o^

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