Griffith Observatory

2800 East Observatory Road
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Weekdays (Tuesday-Friday)
Open Noon – 10:00 p.m.

Weekends (Saturday-Sunday)
Open 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Griffith Observatory is located up in the Hollywood hills in Griffith Park, overseeing the greater Los Angeles area. Since it’s opening in 1935, Griffith Observatory has been one of the landmark in LA, and also a hot spot for tourists.

Griffith Observatory (葛萊芬天文台), 座落於洛城北部的葛萊芬公園內, 位在山頂, 可以俯視整個洛杉磯平原的風景. 從1935年開放以來, 一直是洛杉磯的主要地標之一, 也是許多遊客觀光的旅遊勝地.

I’ve been thinking about going to Griffith Observatory for a long time. Unfortunately they have been undergoing constructions since I moved to LA. They were finally reopened to the public last year. I called my friend Amy on Saturday morning, and found out she was planning to go to the Observatory that day because they reopened their parking lot to the public. So I quickly signed up to tag along.

很久以前就很想去參觀天文台, 可惜自從搬來洛城以來, 天文台一直在重建當中, 一直到去年才重新開放. 今天早上打給艾咪, 得知她因為天文台開放停車場給民眾停車, 想要去天文台玩, 我便自告奮勇當個跟屁蟲.

I’ve heard you could see the entire LA city up on the mountain. Too bad the smog and fog was really heavy on Saturday. We could barely see the cityscape and buildings below. All of the pictures turned out smoggy and foggy:

早就聽說天文台可以看到漂亮的風景, 無奈的是今天天氣實在不好, 洛城整個籠罩在空氣污染及濃霧中, 根本看不清楚, 所有照出來的照片都是霧茫茫一片.

Downtown LA covered in smog: 蓋在smog中間的市中心:

The bad weather kinda put us off. But it was ok. We went into the Planetarium to watch a show, “Centered in the Universe.” It talked about the big bang theory, Galileo, Milky Way Galaxy and how big our universe is. It was a pretty good show. It reminded me of my experiences of going to the Observatory in Taipei when I was young, or when I took an astronomy class in college and we went to the Planetarium in school to look at the stars.

天氣不好, 有點掃興, 我們便跑進天文館觀賞”Centered in the Universe”的節目, 內容描述古早人對太空及地球為中心論, 及大爆炸, 銀河系, 整個宇宙有多廣大等等. 還滿好看的. 躺在椅子上看著頭頂上的星星, 令我想起來小時後去台北市立天文台, 以及大學時拿過一堂天文學, 也都是這樣來到天文館觀賞星星.

There are billions of galaxy out there in the universe. Milky Way Galaxy is only one of the billions, and our Sun system is only one of the smaller planetary systems in the galaxy. After the show, I felt that human beings are so tiny, small and insignificant in the entire universe. Compare to such a grand universe, do we even exist at all?

整個宇宙擁有十幾億的星團, 而銀河系只是這幾十億裡面的其中一個, 而太陽系又是其中一個小小的行星系統, 看完影片後, 一時感覺到我們人類真是太渺小了, 在這整個大宇宙之內顯得十分微不足道似地.

After the show, we went downstairs to look at  another exhibit that displays the characteristics of the nine planets. I felt like a student again, learning all about our universe and planets.

從天文館出來, 我們又跑到樓下參觀一個講解太陽系的展覽, 裡面展出九大行星的特徵, 感覺好像小學生一般, 來到了天文台學習各樣有關太空的知識.

Jupiter and Saturn. Earth was hung next to them. Compare to the sizes, Earth seems so tiny: 展覽掛出的木星及土星, 地球掛在一旁顯得十分渺小, 差了十萬八千里:

I was glad I got the chance to visit the Observatory. There are many other museums and amusement parks in Griffith Park. I’ll drag Amy along next time to visit all these other fun places in LA!

很高興有這個機會來天文台參觀, Griffith Park也有許多不同的博物館及遊玩的去處, 下次有機會再拉艾咪一起出來玩~