Descanso Garden

I don’t know why, but this year I seemed to be crazy about flowers. Maybe it’s the abundance of rains this year, I’ve never seen so many green hills and flowers in Southern California before. Last weekend we drove 130 miles to see the desert wild flowers. This weekend we took my roommate and coworker’s recommendation to go to Descanso Garden , located in the city of La Canada at hwy 2 and 210.

Descanso Garden was founded by LA Daily News owner Manchester Bobby back in the 1930’s. He developed this 160 acre land into world famous garden, with flowers blooming every season. Then the family sold to the Los Angeles County in 1952. Today the garden is open daily, with occasional spring concerts and special events throughout the year. They have world famous camellia forest and the best lilac garden!

Flowers blooming in the Japanese Garden and lilac garden.
World famous camellia & in the international rosarium.

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