California Poppy Reserve

Last weekend’s trip to Lancaster poppy field marked the end of my flower journey for this year. As summer is approaching, flower season is declining as well. I figured I wouldn’t see as much flowers since it was mid-April already. But I still got to see entire hills decorated with golden poppies. It was an amzing sight! I saw lots of people posing for pictures among the flowers (including myself).

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is located near Lancaster on Hwy 14, about 80 miles north from LA. They have 1745 acres of reserved land with golden poppies blooming every year. On top of that, they also have 7 miles of hiking trails plus some other wild flowers.

Before we went to the reserve, we also went to the Lancaster annual Poppy Festival. Originally I thought it would just be a small market size festival, with a few booths set up for food. But it turned out to be bigger than I thought. They had a huge parking lot and trams carrying visitors back and forth. The festival had farmer’s market, international market, airplane display, discovery kingdoms, arts & crafts section and roller coaster rides. It was like going to a county fair. I had a great time there!