[Hacienda Heights] Joy Sauna

Joy Sauna
2020 S Hacienda Blvd
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
(626) 855-1877

Anyone been to Hacienda Height’s Joy Sauna? I’ve heard my friends recommending that place long time ago. I finally went in for a body scrub/massage treatment yesterday. What an experience! It’s really different from all the other American spas I’ve been to before.

When I went in, they first gave me a locker key, a robe and few towels. I have to keep my personal belongings in the locker and change into the robe. So far ok. Not that different from what I’ve experienced before.

Then this Korean lady who speaks a few Chinese words showed me their Jacuzzi room. There are 3 big Jacuzzis (cold, warm, and hot water) in one side of the room. On one end of the wall, there are lines of showers heads, with no dividers in between. Then there are 4 massage beds lining up on the other side of the room. Nothing separates the beds. The lady told me to take a shower first, then go into Jacuzzi for few minutes. They’ll call me for my treatment right away.

Everyone was walking around naked. I felt pretty weird at first. But then we’re all women. Eventually I got used to it. Within a few minutes, this middle aged Korean masseuse called me over to the massage bed. She was wearing nothing but a black bra and underwear. When she was massaging me, sometimes my fingers would accidentally bump into her fat legs or tummy. She not only scrubbed my back and my limbs, also my chest and butt area. Yeah…it feels very weird for a complete stranger to touch my body like that. But then I saw everyone else was being treated the same way. So I just got used to it.

Their service is really good though. I felt like I was a Roman emperor being cleaned up at the Roman bath house. She first scrubbed my entire body 3 or 4 times. Right away I could see my dirty dead skins piling up next to me. Then she massaged me for about 45 minutes. I didn’t like the massage that much. She was pressing down on my pressure points and twisting my spines. Now my back hurts a lot. Then she also washed my hair and put cucumber over my face.

I thought $70 for 90 minutes treatment was totally worth it. It felt like someone helped me take a bath and completely clean up my body. Now my skins feels really smooth and soft just as baby’s skin. If you don’t mind walking around naked in front of other people and being touched all over, you can definitely try it out.

They also have men’s section. But I don’t know how weird it is to have half naked male masseuse touching guy’s body all over….