Wild Fire In Ventura County

The wild fire started in Wednesday afternoon in the Simi Valley, Chatsworth, Topanga Canyon area has really gotten quite big. With the infamous Santa Ana wind and hot dry temperature, the fire burned an estimated 20,600 acres within just 2 days. Three thousand fire fighters from all over California have worked relentlessly to protect the residential homes. Fortunately only one house and some other unused structures got burned down so far.  One firefighter have a minor injury caused by a 40 lb boulder which fell on his head.

Most of the residents living in that area have evacuated. My friend Tina lives in West Hill. When I talked to her last night, she said she could see red flame on top of the hill directly facing her house. According to the news, the fire came as close as within 50 feet to West Hill communities. She saw some firefighters standing by in her neighborhood. But no one told them to evacuate yet. She felt it was so surreal and scary. Like the end of the world is coming!

They said it would take another month before the fire goes out completely. Hopefully the cooler temperature and higher humidity this weekend can help the firefighters keep the fire in control.

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