Taiwan Won Gold Medals!

Taiwan got 2 gold medals!! WHOOORAYYYY~~

Chen Shih-hsin and Chu Mu-yen  both won taekwondo gold medalsyesterday. These are the first gold medals we won in the 72 yearsTaiwan participated in the Olympic games. It was truly a historical moment! At the award ceremony, Chen’s tears dropped as they raised our Olympic flag and played our Flag song. Two hundreds Taiwanese cheeredand sang together with the song at the stadium. I was so touched by the scene and nearly cried.

But there’s just one thing that bothers me. Due to political situation, Taiwanese team have to use “Chinese Taipei” to join Olympic games. We can’t even use our own flag and national anthem. Instead we have to substitute our own version of olympic flag and use our flag song. When my co-worker asked me why we’re using “Chinese Taipei” as the name for our Olympic teams, I couldn’t really explain to her. I hope someday we can use “Taiwan” as our team name and let the whole world know Taiwanese people are strong and tough, that we can win gold medals too!