Taiwan’s Presidential Election

*sigh* After the election in Taiwan last Saturday, I was in disbelief about the aftermath of this event. How could people be so ignorant, selfish, and plain stupid!? Losing is losing! Accept the result like a gentleman! Stop all those rioting, blaming and lying! Return to the normal life and be prepared for another new era in Taiwanese politics.

Both of my parents are A-bian supporters from the very beginning. My sister and I were a little affected by them even though we’re not as crazy as my parents. They even flew back to Taiwan just to vote. In my mind, I always felt that it doesn’t really matter who’s the president, as long he leads Taiwan into peaceful life and better stage. But this time it has really gone too far! It’s understanding that with such close votes, people would raise suspicion and questions. But you don’t need to create such chaos and riots in the capital. Let the justice court handles all the procedures. Now because of the marches and crowds in Taipei, citizens in Taipei cannot live a regular life. Stock market is dropping and businesses are affected due to all those uncertainties. Is this what a leader supposed to do to its people?

As for the shooting, I did not see the actual shooting of the President so I cannot say which side is correct. But there’s also no evidence supporting the accusation that this is a staged shooting just to win sympathy votes. Now people use your brain! Do you think it’s possible to shoot someone in a moving car in such a huge crowds without severely hurting the President? I bet the best shooters in the world cannot guarantee that. I just couldn’t believe people can be so evil and turn such a simple shooting into a political scheme. Don’t they have any decency in their human nature to at least care about the President’s injury? If A-bian was really killed that day, could they still be saying this is a staged shooting?

I just couldn’t believe about this whole incident. Now my top worries are for my parents and the people in Taiwan. Hopefully the riots and madness will die down soon and return to peaceful life. If this whole chaos turned into violence, Taiwan may become a big International joke. Worst of all, China may take advantage of this vulnerable stage. So Taiwanese people really should start thinking clear and stop following blindly!

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  1. hey u know what…

    It’s coz this election has too many suspicious cases. The assassination scene is too weird. Carol told me that they did not rush him to the nearest hospital. Instead, they went to a small hospital that is 5 miles away… there is even rumor that there are national security guards waited in the small hospital early that morning…. Also, normally candidates would wear bullet proof clothes to protect themselves, especially in this kind of sensitive time, but both of them did not….. In addition, both Joyce and I feel that a person would be so surprised to get shot and would rest in hospital first, but he just had the wound sewn and then immediately go to Taipei for campaign….. that’s not something a normal person would react….

    Also, all of the police and national security ppl cannot vote on that day! They are at least 10,000 ppl! Carol said that the majority would vote for the Blue party, so this part is also one thing that others question A-Bien. Denying the right to vote is simply not right. It’s unbelievable… this part is a violation of citizen right, isn’t it? In the past, they would take shifts and vote, but not this yr……… This fact is the one that I’m really against.

    I even heard that this time Ah-Bien really cannot lose. Because once he lost, the other party probably will jail him and Lee Teng Hui, because both ³g¦Ã way too much…..

    Yeah, so my sis and I are not supporters of A-Bien, but as Carol said “this time, he just did it too uncleverly…” So let’s wait and see what the outcome will be~~~

  2. Hahaha…both of ya should calm down a little bit…*brings over two cups of crysanthemum tea* ^_^”

    First of all, let me declare that I’m speaking as an objective observer…cuz I don’t think either side’s campaign really played fair (regardless of who started it)…and I’m certainly not viewing it as a Mainland supporter (don’t like the communist government much either)…so I’m just speaking as an impartial observer…so please nobody bite my head off… ^_^”

    I think maybe both of you need more information on the situation before either can make a comment bah. I have been following this whole election process from the beginning — searched through all the news, read articles, watched debates, listened to public discussion shows, etc…and I really find that there are more negative things coming from the green side than the blue. Maybe it is because the green side doesn’t have much of a central candidate right now if A-Bian loses. On the other hand, the blue side is quite a clear picture of who will become future leaders. So there were so much mud-slinging involved that the international community think it’s a mob fight. And I seriously think Taiwan’s polical system has become a mockery in the international community…democracy is a luxury after all, not something one can assume and demand. If the population is not ready for it, then maybe they should slow down a little.

    So what if the assassination was planned? They could have just created the wound before the march and then have a bag of blood pop inside his shirt on when he’s in the car. And of course all the lack of security and not using the two closest hospitals were also quite suspicious. And then there’s the rumor about the nurse of Mei-Chi hospital saying they had to stay due to an early warning of something happening. But don’t forget about all the suspicious acts during the election (little girls voting, votes counted wrong, counting happening behind closed doors, people getting extra ballots, the huge difference between void votes and winning margin, etc…). So obviously Taiwan should have the regulation to automatically have re-count if the margin is so small! I mean, it’s what the US and many European countries do, and that’s what Taiwan’s trying to model after right??? Plus all the suspicious things after the voting (president was healthy enough to go vote but wouldn’t even meet with representatives or government officials, not immediately letting the re-count happen to get the demonstrations under control, not solving or showing evidence of the supposed assassination, etc…). Basically, a lot of the blue side’s evidence is still circumstancial and wouldn’t mean anything until factual evidence is provided, but these things have to be considered in such an atmosphere and situtaion. This is not just a small election in a farming village…these political figures have to be responsible for all their actions! So the blue side need to cool down and be more civilized, but the green side must show that they’re willing to work out the difference and show that they’re truly not guilty of anything.

    A-bian has promised he would be a president for all taiwan people if he’s re-elected. But that means he’s already issued his first “bounced check” with his handling of this situations. If the green side truly have no guilt, this is the perfect time for him to show his sincerity and unite the people by demonstrating his willingness to work together with the blue side! I mean, if he didn’t do anything that can’t go public, then what’s he waiting for??? He could have taken a lot of gas out of the demonstrations if he agreed to the re-count earlier. And he could have resolved a lot of suspicion if he only met with the reps from the blue side after the election. (The wound in the pictures wasn’t even close to anything life-threatening. I mean, women are usually released a day or two after giving birth…so I definitely don’t believe that his wound is bad enough that he can’t even see anybody due to his recovery.)

    So yes yes…it’s a mess, but it’s an un-necessary mess. If this whole thing wasn’t made into such a big deal (mostly due to bad decisions on the green side), then it wouldn’t have to result in this. Oh wells lah…I mean, if the blue side knows what they’re doing…then maybe the re-count will change the outcome anyways…I mean, 330K voided votes (3 times more than 2000 election) could definitely change the winning status easily when it’s more than 11 times larger than the winning margin of less than 30K votes (less than 0.2% of the voting population…which would have called for re-count automatically in US if it’s anything less than 2%). And that’s not to mention the investigations into the suspicious voting cases…*sigh*

    So yeah people! Need to cool down and find out more information before jumping into any conclusions! ^______^

  3. Hey wen! Did I sound mad? I was not… I thought I said I just point out the suspicions~~

    yeah, right now TW doesn’t have a specific # about when to recount the votes. But this is the first time this ever happened, so it’s understandable that they still need to improve the laws, since most laws are made or amended given a special situation.

    “Women are usually released a day or two after giving birth.” —– This one will anger me more, k? The reason that they have to kick out women is because that the beds are limited and no body can pay the fee which is extremely high per one day rest! A lot of times, money prevails health condition. If women are ok after a day or two, why would they said it’s 月子 and not 日子!

  4. Hmmm…but hospitals basically allows women to leave a day or two after giving birth though…*scratches head*…at least that’s what I heard for hospitals in US and China…*shrugs* And the “zuo yue zi” is totally just recuperating lah, nothing that’s lift threatening, that’s what I meant. Any hoot…that’s not the point! ^_^” The point is A-Bian shouldn’t make the obvious lie about can’t face media or representative due to his wound…*shrugs*

  5. Well…not to bite anyone’s head off or anything…. I really question the validity of the media in tw and the U.S.. I went to the extreme to get what I consider a fair and impartial opinion. Yup, I hit the German and the Australian news sites. ^^ Sure, the Green’s got problems. Sure, the Blue’s got problems, too. I guess it’s just a matter of picking the side with less problems. I have to agree with Wen in that perhaps Taiwan isn’t ready for democracy. While it’s a well-respected system, I don’t think it’s for everyone – and Taiwan’s certainly got room to improve. But that doesn’t just happen overnight, right?

    As of suspicions. Hmm. Funny, the info I got from Taiwanese media (both blue- and green- supporters), Chinese media (yup, CCTV), CNN, ARD (German), The Victorian/The Age (Australian) ALL gave me slightly different versions of things. Wen, you apparently were a bit outdated…as of 3/24, Mr. Chen agreed and urged for recount to take place. Mr. Lien, however, protested against revising the law (this one confused me big). On the press conference given to foreign presses (I saw the recording of the event), Mr. Lien and Mr. Soong agreed that they lack solid evidence to back their accusation. Tina, when I went onto BBS in Taiwan and talked to people, I was confirmed by more than a dozen people that while they had to stayed back to serve in the military, it was not due to the shooting but simply the system (so it had occurred during all previous elections as well). The police were allowed to vote geographically instead of having to return to their registered town, in order to prevent them from missing out (and this was confirmed by the Department of Security, you can try checking it in the governmental pages).

    While I don’t doubt any of you are discussing with calm manners and information that you’ve received, I really doubt the validity of all these rumor/talk/reports. I myself have questions about Mr. Chen’s response and the way he proceeds with his policies. However, most of your suspicions were provided an answer some time during the past week (I can go into details, but that will take forever, but if you want you can sure search them up – or find me, hehe). Nevertheless, I think Amber weren’t trying to argue for Mr. Chen’s legitimacy, but rather pointing out the illegitimacy of Mr. Lien and Mr. Soong’s actions. I stand by Amber that this is ridiculously childish, and if they display such lack of respect for the well-being of the people, society, economy, and above all, the law, I don’t see how they can even be considered qualified to run for presidency.

    They have asked for the court to intervene, and the court had done so. They need to trust the justice and the court, and abide by the law and provide evidences and witnesses, not creating a social outbreak. That’s all Amber’s saying, and that’s all I will agree to. The rest, well, I’ll leave it out of this, since I don’t want to pick any fights with my friends whom I like a lot. 🙂

  6. Hm… I hope I didn’t sound harsh, coz I was not… Actually I was saying my thoughts i/o arguing with anybody… except the women+ birth thing 😛 Oh yeah, my landlord told me that she suspected that she did not rest enough during the zuo yue zi time, so she is having some kind of pain (I forgot what) now… But I would really like to see a study for how long women should rest after giving birth to a child 🙂

    Great! Jolyn, now I feel better knowing that Police cannot vote is just a rumor.. ^^

    Oh yeah there are so many rumors… media are not that trustworthy either. I really doubt will we ever get a truth, which I really think will not surface since Taiwan politics is so corrupted.

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