Landing Emergency

When I turned on the TV while enjoying my dinner tonight, I realized all major channels were broadcasting a live breaking news — a Jet Blue airliner with its crooked nose gear tried to make a safe landing at LAX. Apparently this Jet Blue Flight 292 took off in Burbank and headed toward JFK. Immediately after took off, the pilot realized the front gear could not be retracted and it was turning sideways at a 90 degree angle. Fearing for the worst, the pilot decided to circle around in the air for 3 full hours and try to burn off some fuel.

Meanwhile, LAX cleared one of their runways for emergency landing. All fire trucks, emergency crews and medical personnel were standing by. The commentators in the news were speculating what could happen and what kind of options the pilot have in order to bring this airbus to a safe stop. Some commentator mentioned the firemen could spray foam onto the runway to ease the friction of the faulty gear. But then someone indicated this practice may bring more hazards to the aircraft since other landing gears may get caught in the foam and make the airplane lose its direction. Everyone was hoping the worst would not happen and all of the passengers and crews can get off the plane unharmed.

Finally, around 6:15pm, I saw the airplane slowly approached the runway for landing. At first, the pilot kept the nose gear way above ground and kept the airplane’s balance with just 2 rear gears. Then the crooked gear touched the ground and created a lot of smoke from the fast speed and friction. Sparkles of fire began to show after a few seconds, as you could see in the picture above. But eventually, the airplane came to a full stop. The front tire rubber was completely burned off. But the airplane didn’t lose its balance or ran off runway. Everyone let out a big sigh of relief and began cheering for the pilot’s great work.

During the entire time, I sat frozen in the couch and felt like I have just seen a nerve-wrecking movie. It was so surreal to know this breaking news was occurring at the same time 15 miles from my apartment. As the passengers departed from the plane, NBC news was able to get hold of one of the passengers and asked what went through his mind. He said all of the passengers were well aware of their situation. When they began to land, all he could think of was his family and pray for mercy. If it was me sitting in the plane, I would totally be freaking out! Thank God no one was injured~~~