Jessica Alba Expecting

This was probably the biggest celebrity gossip yesterday. Jessica Alba and her boyfriend Cash Warren is expecting their first baby early next Spring.

Many of my guy friends idolize Jessica like she’s a goddess. They all felt that she is the symbol of beauty and sexiness all in one body. When they heard the news that she’s pregnant, they all gave me this “betrayed” look, like she betrayed all of her male fans by getting pregnant! They felt like dying because they felt that their pure goddess is no longer pure.

What is it with guys that think women getting pregnant equal impurity? She is just having a baby! She can still be an actress after she becomes a mom. I really don’t get guy’s logic sometimes.

Besides I’m not really into Jessica Alba. I agree she’s beautiful and has a hot body. But I really don’t think she’s all that. To me, she’s just one of the young Hollywood stars who was getting all the attentions and fames all of a sudden.

Anyway, so motherhood seems to be the trend in Hollywood recently. Everyone is getting married or having babies all of a sudden. Jessica will join the new mommy’s club pretty soon

1 thought on “Jessica Alba Expecting

  1. jessica alba is hot.

    angelina jolie is hotter. AND she has a kid. :D:D:D

    /me swoons over jolie.

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