Hurricane Katrina

I’ve been following the news on Katrina disaster in New Orleans these couple of days. The horrible scenes of a flooded city and thousands of homeless people begging for help are unbelievable! One of the survivors’ story touched me the most. When approached by reporter,  an African American described how he lost his house and his wife in the storm. He said the water broke his house in half. He was clinging onto a tree while grabbing his wife’s arm in one hand. But he just couldn’t hold on tight enough. At the end his wife told him her finalwords to take care of the kids and got swept away by the water. The man’s tear filled his face while he was begging people to help him find his lost wife. The reporter was crying too when she was interviewing him. There are hundreds of similiar sad stories like his in this disaster alone!

Who would know this kind of thing would happen to one of the major cities in US. There are continuous complains about government’s slow response. People are dying of dehydration and hunger. There are reports of looting and rapes too. I guess a disaster like this bring out the good and the worst of people. One other thing I noticed is that most of the stranded people are African Americans. All the other white people who are able to find places to stay left town days ago. It’s a definite sign of racial segregation.

This is just a very sad event. Although the death toll is unknown, there could be hundreds, or even thousands, dead with the biggest economic impact in the Southern states. I already made some donation to the Red Cross . Salvation Army takes donations too along with other charity organizations. Please give your help to our fellow citizens!