A Taiwanese Actress Passed Away 再見許瑋倫

How sad…I just read the news about this Taiwanese actress Beatrice Hsu (Hsu Wei Lun,許瑋倫), who passed away this past weekend from a serious car accident. She appeared in several TV dramas before, also had a love affair with Vic Chou (Zai Zai仔仔 周瑜民).

She’s only 28, same age as I am. She’s just on the way to becoming a famous star, and this accident took away her life….

I don’t know her personally nor am I a big fan of her. But this shocking news affected me a lot. It made me wonder how unpredictable life can be….

剛剛才在雅虎新聞上看到許瑋倫去世的消息, 兩天前才說是重傷, 怎麼一下子就走了….

我平時並沒有特別注意許瑋倫, 只知道她是演偶像劇的女演員, 從前和仔仔傳過誹聞.

但是讀到她家人如何哀痛悲傷, 自己心裡不禁也跟著難過起來, 才28歲而已, 跟我同年呢!

讓人感到人生真是無常呀, 似乎隨時隨地都會離開似的……也只有好好把握住眼前的幸福, 才是最重要的!

2 thoughts on “A Taiwanese Actress Passed Away 再見許瑋倫

  1. hey~ yeah, this was such sad news… it’s a good reminder to us how blessed we are just to be alive and be with the people we love.

    Thx for ur comment~~ phew, its such a relief to have passed my national board exam… I am sooooo happy.

    p.s. ur new apt looks great! so cozy. I am jealous of the big TV you guys got going over there… hehe

  2. yeah… she’s my friend and classmate, i was so shocked and sad when i learned the news… i just hope her family is coping well and she has no pain in another world..

    it sure reminds us how lucky we are to be alive and how we should utilize our life to love not to hate, to treasure those we love before it’s too late =)

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