Another Category 5 Hurricane

The news also mentioned another category 5 Hurricane -Rita – is heading toward Louisiana and Texas. Thousands of people evacuate from the coastal cities while the emergency centers prepare themselves for possibly another catastrophic disaster.

Really..what’s up with the weather….2 major hurricanes in one season….that’s almost unheard of…..let’s hope this time it won’t be as disastrous as Katrina….

2 thoughts on “Another Category 5 Hurricane

  1. my roommie from last year, angie, her boyfriend donnie goes to optometry school in houston, and he had to evacuate out of there. she said the texan government went as far as changing the direction of the lanes on the opposite side so all lanes are heading out of town, and it still took donnie 14 hours to get to dallas (that’s normally a 4 hour drive)!! holy crap…poor donnie. and angie’s suppose to visit him next weekend too! i don’t know what they’re going to do about it if rita doesn’t bail out of there soon…. my friend beth was like, “can you imagine if they shut down our school for a week because of rain?” that’s actually a pretty scary thought.

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