28th Olympics

The 28th Olympics game began at Athens last Friday. Unfortunately our cable was having problems and we missed the opening ceremony~  From the pictures online, the ceremony seems very interesting! My favorite events are the gymnastics, swimming and diving. I also watched a beach volleyball game of US vs Japan. The dominant Misty May and Kerri Walsh from US were just amazing. I was awe-struck by their skillful performance that killed the Japanese players very early on. Looking at those athletes competing against each other aggressively is very inspiring. Each one of them came to the Olympics with one goal in mind: “to win the gold medal”. They went through vigorous training over the years and made sure their physiques are in the best shape to compete with the top athletes in the world. I was feeling a bit down lately, feeling I’m wasting my time and doing nothing productive in my life. After looking at them, I felt very much inspired and motivated. If they can chase after their dreams and goals, other people can also do that. It’s not easy for everyone to achieve their dreams, but at least having a goal in life helps to make your life much more exciting and interesting!