Women and Makeup

This morning as I was putting on my make up and getting ready for work, I realized how much cosmetic products I have in my bathroom cabinet. Just a few years ago, I only have one bottle of moisturizer with me. Now, I have full bag of make up kits, exfoliation,face mask, toner, eye cream…etc. It seems like as woman gets older,the number of cosmetic and skin care products they use increase as well. Why are we doing this? Is it just to fulfill our vanity, or to please our husband/boyfriends so they would stay interested in us?

From the beginning of man kind, women and beauty seemed to be written in an equal sign. Women have the natural instincts of learning how to dress themselves up and stay as young as possible.Especially nowadays, society values beauty more than ever. You see all those commercials with beautiful young women, giving people the idea that youth and beauty are the most precious thing in the world. Lots of women would spend thousands of dollars fixing themselves just to chase the dream of being a beauty queen.

Having said all that, I know I cannot escape the trap either. I know I would still go home putting on my face mask and wear makeup whenever I go out. It was just an interesting society phenomenon that we need to think about. What if the situation are reversed today?What if it’s men’s turn to chase beauty? What an interesting sight it would be!

3 thoughts on “Women and Makeup

  1. oh YEAH! Let the men know how much work we have to bear, and it’s our turn to CRITICIZE their bodies! 😛

  2. very very interesting entry……..i am totally agree with you-Amber……………

    And I think this can let mens know how come womens spend so much time on dressing up and making up before going out.

  3. well i can’t argue against that us women dump ourselves into this mess, hehe. i do it too (surprise, surprise). but i do it for my own vanity, hahahah…. and the reason i have a lot of care products is so i don’t have to put on make up that much…natural beauty baby! hehe…. my proudest recent moment is when i got my nose pierced, the piercer asked me if i’m over 18 and said i need my guardian’s signature for it…woohoo! but you look really young, amber. i’d say you could pass for a college chick with ease. haha. but hey, men do get vain. i mean…have you seen albert “dimshade” chu getting ready? MAAAAAAAAAN~~~~! i was at his house, and i’m like “dude, while YOU get ready, let ME break out a game and gain a few levels…”. :-p

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