Suicide Rate In Taiwan

I just read a news article about another suicide in Taiwan:

I couldn’t understand what’s wrong with our society today. Everyday I open the newspaper, there are all these suicidal news of young people. It seems like the younger generation today have really thin skin (薄臉皮). Any small trivial matter can trigger them to commit suicide. Whether it’d be breaking up from a relationship, scold by a school teacher, or stress from work, they all seemed to think that death is only solution.

I can sorta relate to their thinking pattern and why they couldn’t think their way out. I was like that before. Whenever something went wrong in my life, even the smallest things like getting yelled at by my parents, being ditched by friends or having no friends to talk to…etc, I would always get myself very depressed and started thinking about death. But as I grew older, I learned that the challenges of life is to face all these problems and try to resolve them, take our responsibilities and be brave about all the hardships we need to go through in life. Especially after my friend’s suicide last year, I realized how painful it is for the people who love us to face such tragedies. So the thoughts of suicide never occurred to me again.

I think it is very important to teach the younger generation today that suicide isn’t the only solution. You may have leave everything behind,but you may just create more problems for your parents and friends.

3 thoughts on “Suicide Rate In Taiwan

  1. it just an easier way out for everybody… that how i see it…

    sigh… u know what .. it just lifee.. like can you really say you are satisfy your life? why are you here? and what is your objective?

    what do you really want? i dunno… i think to everyone it just a mystery… especially at turn point in life

  2. Yes, it is sad that some people just don’t treasure lives, while others struggle to live. I heard a very sad news today that one of my bosses’ father passed away last night.

  3. i’ve got one line and only one (albeit long) line for those suiciders.

    if you have the courage to throw yourself off a building/light yourself on fire/lay yourself on a train track/swallow distasteful poison and suffer the subsequent pain/whatever other mutilating death method you choose, how do you not have the courage to deal with whatever drove you up the wall in the first place?

    my suggestion? call your mum, drink with your friends, and snuggle up in your bed after a nice shower. hey, it worked for the rest of us in the world.

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