Signs of Aging

How do you know if you’re getting old?

1. You get acid reflux —– oh yes, especially after a full meal…..
2. you get heart burn —- hmm occasionally
3. You walk around your backyard, a lot —– not really, I sit around a lot
4. You start watching Food Network and HGTV —- wheww….not yet….
5. You start falling asleep at 11:30 —- oh yes…sometimes way earlier than that…
6. Your day has to start with a cup of coffee — nop, don’t drink coffee
7. Weekend without coffee= a weekend of doing nothing — nop, but weekend without boba tea = a weekend of doing nothing
8. You get extra fat on your stomach, butt, and thigh —- oh man, yes, yes and yes….that’s so true
9. You start shopping at Pier 1—–can’t afford Pier 1 yet, I do like to look at Ikea catalog though
10. You start sounding like your mother (lecturing little brother) — OMG, I do sound like my mom, especially when I’m nagging Homer.
11. you get check up and the doctor says your cholestrol level is too high.—- nop, they always tell me my blood pressure is too low.

Looking at the list above, my conclusion is that I’m half way through the aging process. Other signs I noticed: wrinkles around my eyes, weight gain, low energy and easily tired, prefer to stay at home than going out, losing memory, don’t like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera anymore….OMG … I really getting old??