Opinions on Religion

This weblog thing can really be addictive..I come up to check for updates 3 times a day…=)

I was reading my sister’s weblogs. I realized she writes so much better than I am and her entries are full of interesting stories, not just about her personal life, but some of her thoughts on life, philosophy, religious..etc. I want my weblogs to have more content also. Looking back at my previous entries, a lot of them were merely complains about works, CPA exam, what’s going on in my life. I realized I’ve  focused too much on myself and my surroundings, not very aware of what’s going on out there in the world. It’s time for some changes. For example, trying to expand my horizon. Maybe I should find some times to read more books, newspapers so I could stay current with the news.

As for religion, I’ve actually thought about it for a long time. Coming from a family with 2 different religions (my dad was a devoted Buddhist and my mom just got baptized for Christianity), I had a chance to explore both religions. I used to read a lot of my dad’s Buddhism books and imagined myself becoming a nun, living in a temple without dealing with the messy world. After I started going to church,I also began to develop an interest in learning about God. As of this stage, I would say I’m neutral between these 2 religions. But I believe having a religion definitely gives people some kind of spiritual reliance, especially during times of confusion and difficulty. Whatever religion I choose in the future, I hope it will provide guidance to my life and bring calmness to my heart.

I don’t know if all that above makes any sense. But speaking of religion, it reminds me of a lady we bumped into this past Sunday. Simpson and I were eating at Quickly, a Chinese lady came up to us and asked if we speak Chinese. Then she started preaching about her church and the love of God and Jesus. It was pretty random. There were other people in the restaurants too, and she just chose us for her targets.She went nonstop for 15 minutes, stressing how great God’s love is and how we should believe in him so we won’t go to hell after we die. Both Simpson and I were like, “umm…thank you?” Seriously, I wouldn’t want to go to her church just because she was way too aggressive and it kinda scared me. I understand she was just being nice and wanted to spread the words of God. However, the people from my previous church were never this pushy. They were very patient with my family and they were very open with other religions as well. They knew my father was a Buddhist and they respected his decision. They even let him speak about Buddhism in church so other people could learn from a different perspective. That’s the reason why my family kept on going back. Eventually my mom converted too. If I’m going to a church here, I hope the church will be the same as my previous church too.