Is Life All About Money?

Is life all about money? What do you think?

Lately my family has been having some financial problems. Hearing my mom complains about empty bank accounts really breaks my heart. It’s tough for my parents to face these kind of problems at their age. I really wish I can help them out more, but I can barely survive on my own.

I am romantic and sometimes impractical. I want to believe that life isn’t all about money. The purpose of life is to live our fullest, and to enjoy peace and love of our families and friends. Although underneath, I know that in our present society, money is something we cannot live without.

I try not to think about money that much. I’m an easily satisfied girl. I don’t desire for a lot of things. I tell myself I can still live a simple and happy life without all those extra materials. But I still find money problem catch up to me from time to time. Every month after paying rent, food, and utility bills, I see my checking account gradually decreasing. It’s really not a good feeling. Plus, after I start my own family, we will need housing and money for raising children. I really can’t help myself but wondering: how am I going to afford all these?

Life is tough. Some people work very hard for money and become millionaires. But they still have to worry about losing their fortunes. So they have to work even harder to keep it. So really, what is life all about?