I’m “Computer-holic”

Yes! I have to make a confession. I’m an COMPUTER ADDICT!. I work in front of computer all day long. After I come home from work, the first thing I do is turn on the computer. Whether it be downloading MP3, organizing my files or just chatting and surfing internet, I enjoy every single minute I spend with my computer! For 10+ hours everyday, my eyes gaze at the wonderful world my computer presented to me.

Yes! I know it’s very bad for me. My eye sights deteriorates. It seems to be out of focus whenever I’m not looking at a monitor. My neck and shoulder get very sore from sitting at the exact same position everyday. I don’t have enough physical movements to keep my body healthy. The radiation is probably killing my brain cell too. What’s worse is that I chat a lot more online with people than talking in a real conversation. I’m so used to this virtual world, I began to forget how to interact with real people. Help! I cannot leave the computer! I need to get….away….from….computer……

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