Friend’s Xanga

Wow~amazingly I discovered the Xanga posted by some of the kids from my old church. Well, they’re not kids anymore. When I left church 6 years ago, they were only in elementary school. Now they’re all junior high/high school teenagers. Reading their Xanga reminded me so much of my own childhood.

“Mom took us to camping (or zoo, or parks…etc) today with (friends’ names). We had a lot of fun!”

“There’s this new cartoon (or new shows) on TV that I gotta watch or else I wouldn’t know what other people are talking about tomorrow. But Mrs. (Teacher’s name) gave us so many homework that’s due tomorrow!What a bummer!”

“I went to a party at (friend’s) house. All the girls were sitting indoor chatting while all the guys were outside playing basketball (or playing video games).”

“I found out this guy likes me and I like him a lot too. I don’t know what to do~~”

These things would probably appear in my diary 10 (or 15) years ago. Now looking at my previous Xanga posts, I tend to talk more about work, my life in general, goals and dreams, furthermore, marriage and having family. Man, I’m really getting old~

I still remember the period where I would fight with my sister for just anything, beg my parents to buy the newest barbis, wear the flashest clothing to school just to be cool, dress up nicely to impress the guy I secretly have a crush on, and share any itsy bitsy secrets/information/gossips with my girlfriends. Now all of these things that were once so important to me seemed very trivial and irrelevant. Perhaps I have grown up to become an actual “adult”. Maybe I have matured more than I have realized. But I believe part of me still linger on those childhood memories. They’re the part that will always stay as a kid inside of me.