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We have a meeting today talking about our work spaces. There will be 2 more Korean visiting librarians joining us in early July, possibly another Japanese librarian coming during mid-July. We’re running short of work spaces already. So our boss is thinking about moving me and another co-worker sitting next to me to our Rare Book Room, so the new librarians can take our spaces.

Currently I sit at a cubicle in between our head librarian and Chinese librarian downstairs, next to the public service area. People can walk by and see me having lunch at my desk (fortunately no one can see my
computer). Over here we have higher ceiling, better air quality, and better lighting.

Our Rare Book Room is this small stuffy room at a corner of our building. It used to store some ancient books. Even though those books have been moved somewhere else, the room still has those moldy smell. Right now the only occupants there is my supervisor. According to my co-worker who has sixth sense, she believes that room is “dirty”. Whenever she walks into the room, she could feels chills going up her spine, as if something is crawling up her feet.

I’m very comfortable sitting where I am right now. I don’t want to move at all.  Moreover I don’t want to sit next to my supervisor. We don’t have much interactions right now, only a few hi’s and goodbyes whenever we walk pass each other in the hallway. If I have to sit in the same room and face him everyday, I would probably go nuts. Besides that room is really freezing. The A/C in there seems to be very strong. I see my supervisor wearing a heavy jacket all year long.

My co-worker doesn’t want to move into the room either. She has health problems (asthma, allergies..etc). Once she fainted when she was working at a closed stuffy office. She feels her health would deteriorate if she moves into the stifling little room.  So she went to talk to our head librarian and told him she doesn’t want to move due to her health concerns.

Another person who doesn’t want us to move is our Chinese librarian sitting at the cubicle next to us. She is a 60-year-old lady who loves to come over and chitchat with us throughout the day. If we move to somewhere else, she said she’ll feel pretty lonely sitting there by herself. So she went ahead and started pursuing everyone else to accept her plan.

Her plan is to have both of us stay where we are. Let the visiting librarians take the space at the rare book room. I feel bad they have to stay in that freezing stuffy room. But they’re only half time and they’re only going to be with us for 1 year. So it’s really a temporary situation.

During the meeting, the Chinese librarian brought up her suggestion. Surprisingly our boss accepts her idea. This is the simplest solution for everyone. All we need to do is install some new desks, cubicles, Internet ports and phone lines around.

Thank God I don’t have to move after all. I have been sitting here for 3 years now. It would be such a hassle to move all of my stuff and the books accumulated over the years!!

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  1. Whew, luckily she mentioned it. I was moved from a really awesome office to an OK one, and my coworkers and I were pissed.

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