Work Blog 16

I did a stupid thing today! There was a Annual Staff Breakfast at 8:30am today at the Radisson Hotel near USC. Each year they held this event so that everyone in the ISD department can listen to some boring speeches about our department’s goals and achievements. I would never miss these kind of event if there are free food (especially buffet !!). About a week ago, I started to remind all of my co-workers to go to this event and urged them to RSVP if they hadn’t. I even re-set my alarm clock last Friday so I can make it on time. For some reason, it completely slipped my mind last night and I didn’t go back to re-check my alarm clock. This morning I woke up and saw my alarm being set at 8:30am! Not only did I miss the breakfast completely, I was totally late for work! What was I thinking when I set the alarm? Maybe I kept on telling myself I have to be there at 8:30 and for some reason I set it to 8:30. I was in such a confused stage after I realized this mistake that I forgot to brush my teeth and even forgot to grab some breakfast for myself….ai ya ya… stupid!!

Just got a great news from my high school friend who was a foreign exchange student from Czech, Kveta! She just had her baby last week! She send me her daughter’s pictures. She’s sooooo adorable! Congratulation Kveta and welcome Kristina (her daughter’s name) to the world!