Work Blog 15

I just went to our union meeting this morning discussing about the new union contract with our employer. Before coming to the meeting, I already have a very bad impression with our Union. I have to pay them $30/month and I get the feeling that they’re not really working hard for us. Our annual salary raise is merely 2.5% per year. Our dental coverage is so crabby that it doesn’t cover a lot of the general procedures.

At the meeting, I found out we made the proposals of several great improvements, such as : change our cumbersome evaluation process, giving out bonus, free parking, increase our dental coverage, change our bereavement leave from 3 days to 5 days, improve pension contribution to 10%, add retirement medical/dental plan, and terminate our stupid clocking system. Turns out USC only accept a few of the items, including the 5 day bereavement, evaluation procedure change, and this stupid of way of salary increase.

In the past, everyone gets a flat rate of 2.5% raise. Some people voiced that they work harder and deserve more than others. So our negotiator came up with this plan : 1.5% guaranteed raise for everyone and the rest based on your evaluation score. If someone has a good evaluation and deserve 3% raise, then they’ll get the 1.5% guaranteed plus 1.5% from the merit pool money. If someone has really bad evaluation, at least he would still have 1.5% raise. This is a good way to motivate people to work harder. However, there are always those mean supervisor who would never give the employees the high score they deserve. The underachiever would complain too because they could’ve gotten 2.5% before, but now it is cut down more. There’s no one good solution to this wage problem!

If it’s up to me, I would argue we all deserve a 10% raise….haaa ! Too bad our union is so small, we cannot go on strike and voice our opinions!