Work Blog 13

A little update of the part-time job that I’ve found at LACMA. After almost a month of waiting and still no reply from HR, I emailed the director and asked her to give me an answer ASAP (nicely of course)! This is what she emailed back:

“After careful review of your request and discussions with JoEllen Williamson (our Associate Executive Director of Library), I must inform you that we will not be able to adjust the working hours in your present position with USC to accommodate a four day work week.   R&S management requires you to work the normal five day work week as you have been doing.  If you wish to work part time for this other none USC organization then that is your decision, as long as it does not interfere with your current position”

I was very disappointed after I got this email. LACMA has the exact same working schedule as USC. From this email, I couldn’t figure out any ways that I can fit 8 extra hours of pt work and still be able to work normal hours at USC. Man….that means I have to give up this pt job and lost $500 extra monthly income.

I understand from the management’s perspective, of course they wouldn’t their employees to go out and work on some other jobs that would disrupt current position. But I just wanted a little more flexibility and still maintain same 40 hours of work each work. One of my co-worker takes 2 afternoons off each week to take care of her kids and come in Saturdays to make up. So I’m sure we offer a certain flexibility in our schedule! What pisses me off is that I knew there are other people in other department who also have other part time jobs. I don’t know how they report to the tops, but if they can do that why couldn’t I? I’m sure they didn’t even bother to report to HR and just use some other excuses to cover. That’s the problem about being too honest. Damn it! I really hate all the inefficiency, complex bureaucracy and inflexible policies in this school.