Weirdo Working @ USC?

When you work in a big organization such as USC, inevitably you’ll get some wacko employees.

Yesterday we went to a meeting held by our Department of Public Safety. Last Friday, they arrested a man who worked in our main library. The campus police first spotted him hanging around the campus showing some odd behaviors on Friday afternoon. The police approached him and made eye contact with him. At that moment, he unzipped his pants and urinated into a fountain.

The police was shocked. That man knew the police was watching him but he still went ahead to destroy public property. He yelled at him, “Hey, stop that! What are you doing?”

That wacko turned around and said, “Hey I work here. I’m an USC employee. I can do whatever I want!”

“I don’t care who you are! Just stop what you’re doing immediately. Show me your ID!”

At that moment, the man zipped up his pants and took off. The police chased after him for awhile, then lost him during the chase. A second police found him later hiding in our PE building, waving a hand gun in the air. They immediately call LAPD. Soon the police squad came, surrounded the building and tell him to surrender.

He eventually gave up and was put into custody right away. Under normal circumstances, prisoners who show mental instability are supposed to be held in jail for at least 72 hours for observation. But he applied for a bond and was released later that night.

The school immediately decided to terminate his position and banned all his access to campus library. They gave him a restraint order and told him he’s no longer welcome in the campus anymore.

The police was pretty nervous what he would do, if he would come back to the campus and cause danger to the USC community. So they shut down the main library for a few hours over the weekend, closed off some
other entrances and placed several police at the front door. They even searched his work space, tried to find evidences that he posed as a threat to the school. But they didn’t find anything.

On Tuesday morning, a police spotted that guy walking into the library as if he’s coming back to work. He approached him and said, “Hey, what are you doing here? You’re no longer welcome here. Do you know you’re trespassing?” They immediately arrested him again and put him in downtown jail this time.

That guy claimed that he never received that restraint order. But the captain was pretty sure she handed the notice to him in person on Friday night. So now he has to go to trial and face a trespassing charge, also attack with deadly weapon felony charge. We also learned this guy had 3 other cases against him. Just 6 months earlier, he was arrested for possession of 3 guns without license.

None of us believe there was someone this dangerous working among us, especially those who knew him personally. Our Korean librarian knew him and she saw him in our library just last week, talking and laughing with our front desk student, like a normal person. She described him as a tall, handsome charming young man. No one would knew he was mentally disturbed and possessed such deadly weapons.

Now flyers with his picture are being circulated around the campus. Anyone who see him in campus property are supposed to report to the campus police right away. Police are stationed at the entrances in both of our main libraries. They don’t know how long they’ll continue doing that. But for the moment, they want to be cautious.

When I first heard the story, I thought it was just some drunken weirdo gotten into troubles. But from the way the captain described this event, and the worries I’ve sensed from everyone else, I realized this is a serious situation. Sigh….I guess you get all kinds of people when you work in a major institution.

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  1. Wow… that’s freaky! I’m always worried one of our oworkers will go crazy on us and shoot everyone.

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