Weekly Update 32

I really don’t update my Xanga as often as before. Been too lazy to write in English. Nowadays I primarily write my Chinese blogs.

So what is up with me? Well, I’ve been very busy. In order to make extra money, I’ve been working overtime everyday since April trying to make that 1.5 x OT pay. Working 10 hours a day can really be tiring. My manager just recently asked me if I want to work Saturdays as well to help out with some special office projects. I said, “As long there are OT pay, and since I’m not doing much on weekends anyway, why not?” I’m young and healthy right now and I need money. Why not take this opportunity to make more money?

Career wise, more opportunities seem to sprung up all of a sudden. One manager told me about two new positions open up within our department. They’re both senior positions but dealing with English materials. She encouraged me to apply for both. I hesitated for a bit because I have only been working with Chinese materials and I’m good at my work. I also have a good working relationship with all of the East Asian librarians. Giving all of these up for something unfamiliar and new seems a bit scary at first. However, after I really think about it, I can learn something new and challenging. It’s also a promoting opportunity and good position to put on my resume. Why don’t I give it a try? So I decided I will talk to that supervisor today and see what she thinks.

On top of that, school is starting this week. This is my last year in grad school. I can’t wait to finish this degree next year. I was just looking at the syllabus for my classes this semester. 3 essays, 1 group project and 1 individual project for one class. The other class also has 5 assignment.  Urr~ I can imagine how busy this semester will be for me.

Other than work and school, I had a pretty busy summer as well. Went to San Diego twice this summer. Got to hang out with other friends more. I’m learning how to live happily by myself and cherish life as it continues on.

This year has been quite a bit ups and downs for me. Life isn’t always smooth sailing. But now I’m determined to make my life better and happier. Life won’t stop there. It will only get better as time goes on!

Ganbade! Add oil! 加油加油加油!