Weekly Update 14-Friend’s Farewell & Birthday

This weekend, other than the Valentine celebration, was quite a busy weekend for me.  Saturday I had a farewell lunch for a friend who’s moving back to Taiwan for work. We met up at Santa Monica’s Il Fornaio Italian restaurant. We managed to have a 3 hour lunch because everyone was late. But I think everyone still had a lot of fun hanging out together. I really wish our friend the best of luck and all the success in the world~~

Then Sunday was another friend’s Birthday dinner. We ate at Beverly Hill’s McCormick & Schmick. For some reasons I remembered the time wrong. So I was late for almost 1 hour. I feel terribly sorry. After dinner, we all went to her apartment for cake. She had a cute tiny rabbit there. Everyone was playing with him. He was so little but has very long nails. When I was holding him, he tends to scratch my hands.

After college graduation, it’s so hard to keep in touch with good friends. I’m glad I still keep in touch with so many great friends and get to meet with them often. I really hope everyone will stay around LA area so we can see each other often!

Only 4 more days then I’m going back to Taiwan for 9 days vacation! Yay~~ can’t wait!!