Weekly Update 12

For last couple of months, so many companies called my cell and asked for either “Thomas Hall” or “Paul Hall”. This morning I got another weird call like that. It’s really frustrating that I have to repeatedly explain to them that there’s no such person and they got the wrong number. I think these guys either give out fake numbers on purpose or they forgot to tell people they changed their numbers. I’m guessing they must be under a lot of debts that’s why they didn’t want people to know their real numbers. Before it was Albertson calling me every single day, now it’s another company calling me every other day! Ohhh !! I wish there are some ways to find out who those guys are and tell them to stop giving out my cell phone number.

Oh yeah, I got my license plates last week! But I couldn’t figure out howto put on the front plate! There’s only a blank board in the size of a license plate in front of my car. No holes or anything to put in screws. I tried using double sided tapes to tape the license plate onto the board but it just wouldn’t work! Can anyone help me figure out this problem?

One thought on “Weekly Update 12

  1. nomisfem Post author

    u know..i’m having these weird phone calls lately…and they have been calling our apt asking for “yu lee”..and i thought they just dont know how to pronounce my name…but as i started talking to them, they said that i owe over $1000 debt with their credit card. The funny thing is…i dont even have their credit card…and the SS# they provided was not even mine. Scary huh?? i guess someone must have somehow gave the wrong info……but i just wonder how?? Just gave me the chill that the person’s name is so similar to mine.

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