Weekly Update 04

This weekend I decided not to go to Rowland Heights because I feel I concentrate better in my apartment. However, it has turned out to be very unproductive for me. Yesterday I spend the whole day watching Friends videos, not feeling like studying. Maybe because I feel I needed a break from all those books. Man..it’s less than 3 wees ’till the exam and why am I not nervous at all? Good thing is I’m still on top of my study schedule. I do study for at least 4-6hours everyday. Next week I should be able to finish reviewing all the chapters and homework. Then I will have one more week for final review. But if I have more time, I really should’ve read more so those materials stick with me better. There really is a lot of materials. Sometimes I feel like I understand them, but after awhile when I go back, I can’t remember a thing. Anyway, it’s too late to say things like that now. I can only do my best and hope I could pass at least 2part this time!

1 thought on “Weekly Update 04

  1. MeowWow Post author

    Don’t worry, Law and Auditing are those things just need to memory, so there is nothing to be worry about too much, just review those things again and again loh and they will come back to your memory……^_^……….You are a lot better compare to me, rite? I don’t even have time to review those stuff, I should prepare only 2 parts this time……shouldn’t be 4, and get nothing to pass……

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