Last Saturday (5/15), I attended my first American live concert ~ WANGO TANGO~ hosted by KIIS FM. Before this year, I didn’ teven know about this biggest concert in North American until I started listening to radio while driving to work few months ago. After listening to them talking about Wango Tango over and over ago, I suddenly had the urge to go buy the ticket. I ended up getting the $60 seat, which is only a couple rows above the floor seats. I realized it was an impulsive purchase since I knew nothing about the concert, but it turned out to be the best experience ever!

The artists performed at this year’s Wango Tango includes : Fefe Dobson, Kimberly Locke (from American Idol), Nick Cannon, Clay Aiken, Rooney, Hilary Duff, N.E.R.D., Maroon 5, JC Chasez, Enrique Iglesias, Janet Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Lenny Kravitz, Jessica Simpson, Outkast Big Boi, and William Hung. Guests appearence include : Michael Clarke (from the Green Mile), Constance Marie (from the George Lopez Show), Dominic Monaghan (from Lord of the Rings), Nicole Richie (from The Simple Life), Melinda Clarke and Kelly Rowan (from The OC), Backstreet Boys, Simon Cowe and Randy Jackson (from American Idol).

The show was supposedly to begin at 1 pm at Rose Bowl. However, because of the long traffic on freeways and too many people arriving late, the concert didn’t start until 2:30 pm and ended around 11:30 pm. This is for sure the longest concert I ever been to. Fortunately I put on lots of sun screens and brought sunglasses, or else I would be a roast turkey sitting under the sun for 8 hours. Although my seat is far from the stage, I still had a very clear view of the whole thing. It was amazing to see 60,000 people gathered in one stadium for such a huge event!

Highlights of the concert includes:

-Enrique danced with a female fan, hugged her, let her squeeze his ass, and even kissed her.

-A guy proposed to his girlfriend in front of everybody on the big screen.

-The audience performed the human waves around the stadium for at least 15 times! (that gotta be a record!)

-Both Nick Cannon and N.E.R.D.’s lead singer took off their shirts!

-Hillary Duff performed a song together with her sister Hailey Duff.

-Backstreet Boys sang a cappella from their new single (release this summer).

Other than those, I really enjoyed Jessica and Clay’s powerful performances. Some of the bands, such as Maroon 5, Rooney,Black Eyed Peas, were wonderful bands. They led the audiences to scream with them and even dance with them. The entire stadium was filled with energy and excitement. It was really great to loosen myself and move with the beats.


-Janet Jackson only performed two songs and left the stage without saying a word.

-William Hung was totally off beat while singing his famous “She Bangs”!

-They took too long to prepare and clean up the stage in between each act. We had to wait for at least 20-30 minutes for each performance to begin.

I took quite a lot of pictures and some video clips of almost every artists. But some of them didn’t turn out so well, being affected by all the light and smokes (especially the pictures taken at night). The sounds from the clips are pretty clear tho.