Vacation Over

Man~ can’t believe one week vacation is over. Vegas was fun…I didn’t know Jay could sing that well live. I was surprised to see him dance and played piano. The piano part really touched me. But he really doesn’t know how to speak in front of audience. During the whole shows, he only spoke no more than 5 sentences.

This Vegas trip also proved I have some kind of gambling luck. Won$40 again at a nickel slot machine within just 10 minutes…not bad fora beginner…But everyone was so tired at the 2nd day. We left early and didn’t even do much gambling or shopping at all. We’re all growing old.

The chillness in the desert hit me and got me into a terrible cold. I couldn’t stop sneezing the entire weekend. Also probably got sick from the rides at the Holiday Carnival. I was so excited to revisit all those fun rides I used to love when I was a kid. But by the time I got off the rides, my head starts spinning around and my stomach started turning upside down. It was really a bad idea to go to a lousy carnival with only 5 rides (including a squeaky old Ferris wheel) while admission ticket costs $7.

Man can’t believe I’m  back to work again. The first thing my boss told me was complaining how she had to work while we were all away. She didn’t sound like she wanted us to take this vacation (But it was her who suggested to give us a break at the first place!) She even told her partner she shouldn’t give us so many days off. If she really doens’t want us to take that many days off, why did she tell us she would give us 2 weeks off at the beginning. Gosh!! She even said next year there won’t be such a long vacation. Well, guess what…next year I won’t be here..So don’t have to worry about that anymore!

1 thought on “Vacation Over

  1. hehehe…*sigh*…guess we’re all getting “more seasoned” nowadays! But one thing is for certain, you got such a wonderful vacation compared to me…*sniff*…I didn’t get a single day off!!! >_< Only basically 25th for Christmas and 1st for New Year...this really bites! That's why I'm planning just as you are ---> not gonna stay with the job much longer. Actually, I’m really begin to seriously look for another job now…I’m actually creating a resume on!!! *feeling so proud of my feat*… ^o^ But…*sigh*…as for now, I still have to bear with this “Assistant Overseas Buyer” job I have at Labeltex…such stingy bosses and toilsome co-workers have already wore my patience down to a sheet of thin ice. >_< So I think we're all just kindred spirits lost in the harsh world of reality. Hmmm...but it's so nice to hear from ya again...have been pretty long since we last saw each other...guess we've all been pretty busy sorting out life bah! ^_^

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