I realized I haven’t give an update about my life for awhile. Nowadays I tend to write more about my personal life in Chinese in my MSN blogs  (you need to be on my MSN list to access it), and I write about some general stuff (restaurant reviews, travel….etc.) on my Wretch blog in Chinese. That’s why I don’t update my Xanga as much. But I’ll post any interesting stuff here from time to time. So please check back once in awhile!

Life has been pretty quiet since I came back from the Bay Area. I don’t know if it has to do with my age. Most of the time I just feel like vegging out at home to relax and don’t feel like going out much. The weather has been cold and rainy anyway. Winter really isn’t my favorite season. I rather just stay in the warm indoor than go outside in the freezing temperature (haha I know…..So Cal weather is still much better than most other places in the country. But what can I say? I’m spoiled…. )

I made a resolution to stay healthy this year. Coincidentally, I sprained my neck on the second week of 2008. Now my neck is feeling much better, but I could still feel the muscle soreness. Doctor told me the muscle pain could take up to 3 weeks to heal. I did try wearing that ugly neck brace for two days. Surprisingly it felt really comfortable around my neck. It gave my neck a lot of support so I didn’t have to strain my neck so much. One of my supervisors actually thought the neck brace was a new style of scarf……hahaha….I guess the doctor was right when he said the neck brace is quite fashionable!

School started this past Wednesday. I’m taking a class on Internet tools and applications, namely, web development and web page design. We have to learn about HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP…etc. I always wanted to learn about web design and I took workshops on HTML before. But I pretty much forgot everything. I was hoping this class could help me refresh my memory and learn more interesting new things on web design. However, the teacher gave us a long list of things to do during the first week. We also have assignments due every week that will take 8-12 hours per week to complete. It looks like this semester will be hell of a ride for me. Great…….

By the way, I’m going to HAWAII the end of next month!! That’s right! HAWAII !!

My roommate got send over to Hawaii for work for 2 months. Her company rented a nice beach house for her and her coworkers. I heard the beach house is only 3 minutes away from the beach and it has 2 pools. Sounds so nice! Of course I can’t miss this opportunity to crash with her and visit Hawaii! I can already imagine myself lying on the beach and sunbathing~~Ahh~~ that’s the way for vacationing!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned and talk to ya’ll next time~