Silly Things I’ve Done

I don’t consider myself a forgetful person. But I usually don’t pay attention to my surroundings. Tripping, falling, or bumping into table legs are quite common to me.

Today I’m quite forgetful. I don’t know why. This morning, I didn’t realize I forget to bring my lunch until I sat into my car. I had to walk back up to 3rd floor to pick up my lunch box.

Then as I was driving, I nearly missed my exit. I had to do a quick right lane change to make my exit. Fortunately there wasn’t any cars around me.

I have a habit of brushing my teeth right after lunch. Today instead of grabbing my tooth brush and tooth paste from my drawer, I picked up a roll of barcode. I didn’t even realize that until I walked to the bathroom….

How am I suppose to brush my teeth with barcodes?

Today was a perfect example of the Chinese saying, “not using one’s brain.” I certainly didn’t bring my brain today. I don’t know what I was thinking…..or maybe it’s because I’m reaching old age and I’m becoming forgetful?

我不認為自己是迷糊的人, 但是我常常心不在焉. 走路跌倒, 絆倒, 撞到牆腳桌腳對我來說是家常便飯.

今天不曉得是怎麼回事, 早上出門一坐進車子裡才發覺自己忘了帶便當. 還得爬回三樓拿便當.

開車時不曉得腦子在想什麼, 竟然差一點忘了要開出交流道, 等到發覺時才趕忙緊急換道及時出來.

一般吃完中飯我都習慣刷個牙, 今天吃飽飯, 我照往常一樣從抽屜裡抓了個東西往廁所衝, 走到廁所才發覺手裡拿的是一捲條碼…..=_=||| 請問我要怎麼用條碼刷牙呀!?!?

唉….這是所謂的做事情沒帶腦子, 還是年紀大了, 開始變得健忘起來??

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  1. 是不是巨蟹都有點小迷糊呀?
    我還曾經在我家樓梯跌倒過, 早上出門前花了N次找key, cell phone 也三不五時的會放在家忘了帶…

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