Sick Again

There must be a bad stomach flu virus going around. A lot of people around me are getting sick lately. Unfortunately I caught the virus too.

Starting from last Saturday, I had major diarrhea. Then on Tuesday night, I suddenly began to feel nausea and dizziness. Then I went to the bathroom and threw up three times! Afterward, I felt cold and couldn’t stop shivering. My bones were aching and I felt my body was very warm. Felt like having feverish symptoms.

It’s just a bad timing to get sick right now. It’s end of the year and close to the holiday season. I should be healthy and prepare myself for all the feasts coming up. Who knew this virus would hit me?

For two days straight, I couldn’t eat much except lie in bed, drink gatorade and eat some porridge.

Thankfully my roommate’s mom is staying with us this month. Once she heard about my condition, she quickly ran to the closest Rite Aide to get me gatorade and medication. She even cooked porridge for me and took great care of me while I was sick.

This morning she even prepared sushi for me as lunch. I felt so grateful toward her!

It’s so nice to have a mom around when you’re sick!

Extra thanks to Mrs. Huang for taking care of me, and I salute to all of the wonderful moms in the world! Moms are the best!


今年大概是流年不利, 身體一直出狀況, 上週六先是拉肚子, 這週二半夜開始抱馬桶吐, 大概是染上了最近流行的腸胃病毒.

在家裡躺了兩天, 今天終於打起精神來上班, 卻還是感到精神不能集中, 身體還沒完全好的樣子.

這兩天多虧Heather的媽媽, 正好這個月來探望女兒住在我們家.

一聽到我生病, 她二話不說馬上跑到Rite Aide幫我買運動飲料買藥, 幫我煮稀飯, 細心地照顧病奄奄的我.

今天早上還準備壽司來讓我帶便當, 真的是很感謝她.

生病的時候有個媽媽在旁邊照顧真好. Red heart

在此特別感謝黃媽媽, 也對天下偉大的媽媽致敬!

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