Last night was the worst ever. My head kept on spinning even while I was just lying in bed. The stomach ulcer kept on gulping up my throat making me wanting to vomit anytime. I got so depressed thinking maybe I couldn’t even make it to the exam. Then I started thinking about moving back to bay area to live with my parents. At least living with parents you don’t nee to worry about cooking, paying rent, utility bills and there are always someone who can take care of you when you’re ill.ahh..home sweet home.

This morning I decided to go see a doctor. If my situation get worse tomorrow, at least I would have a doctor’s note to prove my illness. I found this doctor practicing in Century City on my insurance webpage. Turns out he’s quite a young cute doctor who also attended UCLA. He basically told me I have symptoms of cold. I should just get lots of rest and drink lots of water. He also gave me some antibiotics. However, he noticed I have low blood pressure and higher heart beat rates and suggested me to go back for a physical later on. After his assurance that my sickness would go away as long I have good rest, I walked out of the office feeling much better!

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