Ryan Secrest Show

Heard a very cute and funny conversation on KIIS FM Ryan Secrest Show between Ryan and a little 8-year-old girl named Ally this morning. (According to Ryan, Ally calls the station very often to “bug”them and has been invited to come to the show earlier this morning!)

Ryan : Is your boyfriend jealous about me? That you listen to my show everyday and you came to my show?

Ally : No, ‘cuz he doesn’t listen to the show.

Ryan : Well, wouldn’t his friends heard you on the radio and tip him off ?

Ally : No, ‘cuz all his friends don’t get up this early!

Ryan : They haven’t get up yet? What an interesting schedule!

Ally : Can you come over to my house?

Ryan : Well what are we going to do at your house? What will we be playing?

Ally : You’re old. You don’t play! You’re like 20 something right?

Ryan : Yeah, I’m 29.

Ally : We can go to movies.

Ryan : Ok, we’ll come to your house and leave immediately for movies. What movies are we going to see?

Ally : I don’t know.

Ryan : How about the new Denzel Washington thriller movie?

Ally : No!

Ryan : Then how about “Dawn of the Dead”?

Ally : NO!

Ryan : Then how about that new Olsen Twins movie?

Ally : Yes!

Ryan : no~

 hee~ I thought that was hillarious~

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