Rats! More rats in our office!!!

Last year I had a run-in with a rat in our library basement. At that time, we put up many traps, caught an entire family of rats and sealed up the holes around our buildings. We haven’t seen any of these unwelcome visitors for awhile. But a few weeks ago, a coworker discovered her left-over fruits in her drawer has been nibbled on, apparently done by rats. Then another student assistant working late at night saw a huge black rat on top of our kitchen counter eating the chocolates someone left there.

After hearing these reports, our head immediately called our facility department to seal up holes again surrounding the building, hoping to keep the rats outside. But yesterday afternoon, while my coworker and I were standing next to my cubicle chatting, a huge black shadow shot pass us and quickly disappeared behind the file cabinet and the cubicle dividers. My coworker didn’t see what it was, but I realized it was a rat! My cubicle was right next to the public area, where lots of people were present, and it was during middle of the day too! I couldn’t believe this little guy had the guts to show himself under broad day light in front of so many people. I guess now there are no way out of the building for them, we pretty much trapped the rats inside our building…..ewww…..the thought of working with rats running around made me shiver~~~

Our most senior librarian told me this historical building had a lot of problems. Rats, roof leaking, basement floods and flea problems occur almost every year! Damn! USC has so much money. Why couldn’t they give us funds to remodel our building and create a healthy safe working environment for us staffs?