Police Report

After putting it off for several weeks, I finally filed a police report for my identity theft case. The credit card company and credit bureau told me I need to have a police report in order for them to start investigation. Having a police report also helped me to avoid future conflicts.

We first went to the closest Culver City Police Station. Turned out they do not have jurisdiction over my apartment area. So we had to drive to another Pacific Community Police Station on Culver Blvd. Immediately I saw the differences between these 2 stations. Culver City station is located in a brand new building. They have bullet proof glass over the counter and bright polished floor.  The LA community station, on the other hand, is located in an older looking building. The front lobby only has regular brick walls and a small plain looking front desk. The toilets in the bathroom are clogged too. There shows the big contrast between a metropolitan police department and a small city police department.

I have never filed a police report before and I was told that I need to have complete documentation in order to file one. So I made copies of all of the documents and credit reports I’ve received so far. It was actually quite easy! The officer just took my credit report, read through it, and wrote down relevant information on the report. He also asked me a few questions regarding how I discovered about this crime. Then he told me it’s very unlikely they will start an investigation since it’s so hard to catch the suspect. It’s ok since I didn’t expect they would be able to find whoever doing this. They will keep my report on file and I have to call back 2 days later to find out the report number.

So that was my first experience being in a police station….hopefully there won’t be a next time…..