Pete Carroll to NFL??

A colleague at work read this news on Yahoo . It caused quite a stir in the office.

Is Pete Carroll leaving USC? Or is it just a rumor?

In this female dominated office, we hardly talk about sports nor do anyone care about football. But when it comes to USC, everyone shows great interest or concerns.

Everyone circled around a coworker’s cubicle reading off the yahoo news from the computer screen.

The women were like : “What? He’s leaving? Nooo~ he can’t leave!”

“How can he think about leaving USC? He won’t do any good at NFL! NFL and college football is way too different.”

“I think this is a rumor! He’s been talking about it for years but it never happened!”

“We don’t want him to leave USC!”

Pete Carroll leaving or not, is not really a big concern to me. But I just thought it’s funny that this little rumor brought quite an excitement in our mundane office life here~