Party Party Party!

Ughh..I’ve eaten so much lately. When approaching holiday season, a lot of people are having parties. Last Friday lunch we just had our own East Asian Library potluck party. Everyone brought their own traditional dishes and we must have 12 dishes on the table. I was so stuffed that day and just didn’t want to go back to work. We all ended up chatting for 2 hours after lunch.

Friday night there was a big departmental Christmas party held at a Chinese seafood restaurant in China town. All of the staff in the Information Service Department were invited. I heard the food was  great but I just didn’t feel like going there after a long day of work.

Today there was another party at our little seminar room. This time it is for all the staff from Special Libraries and Archival Collection. Since East Asian Library consists of materials from different languages. We’re considered as Special library. They had food such as chocolate fondu, beef and shrimp fondu, and also my favorite korean sushi (called kimba). Man, I must have at least 10 of these giant sushi plus other foods. People say holiday is a time to gain weight. Well now I can definitely prove the truthfulness of this statement.