Party Party

‘Tis the season to be joyful….and PARTY! As Christmas is near, I find myself going to more and more Christmas parties. Just one week ago we had our own little Library Christmas potluck party. We invited all of our students assistants to join us and try out all kinds of Asian food that people brought in. Then last Friday there was this big Winter Festival Christmas party for the entire department. It was held at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. I didn’t go because I didn’t want to drive late at night to Chinatown. But I heard the food was great, great music and dancing, with hundreds of people showed up.

Yesterday, without any advance notice, I found out there was another party for our Research & Service team. They hired caters to serve light snacks, eggnog and refreshment drinks. Some people also brought home-made desserts and holiday cookies. I ate so much that I got a bad case of stomachache last night. On top of that, they were handing out raffle prizes. Our Chinese librarian got the biggest prize-a huge bath and body basket! Everyone else also got one nicely wrapped present to take home. It was mostly cookies, chocolates, jam gift box or coffee, but it was nice to know that we all get presents! All of us also got this really cool hand-held reading light from our dean as our Christmas present. With one touch of button, the light will springs up and you can clip the light stand on your book.

Working in USC made me realize: although they don’t pay us well, they really do know how to feed us and give us lots of free stuff. Throughout the year we would have big parties like this, not just around Christmas, but also in the summer, in the spring, and when school year started. Every major meetings we go, there would be light refreshments prepared for us. Librarians do boring works, but they really do know how to party!