On Newspaper Again

Haaa~ this is so funny!

Yesterday a reporter from Chinese News Daily called me and asked for my opinions about this UCLA news. It’s basically about Bruin Alumni Association that pay $50-100 to the students to find out which professors have been openly criticizing Bush administration.  The professors will be listed in a “black list”. I don’t know what is the purpose and what will happen to them.

When she told me about this news, I wasn’t prepared and I didn’t know what to say. I just stumbled through my answers and said something about “it’s unbelievable….school should remain neutral on politics…”etc. The interview only took 5 minutes. She asked me if I can refer any other current UCLA Chinese students to her. My mind went blank and I couldn’t think of anyone. So I told her to look up CSA on UCLA website.

I didn’t take it seriously and I didn’t think she would use my answers. But she actually put my name down (the middle part about a 2002 UCLA econ major alumni) and rephrased my answer to make them sound so authoritative. This is hilarious~~LOL….

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  1. hee, Amber, that reporter is a very good friend of mine, I can totally imagine she doing something like that And my name appeared on paper so many times because of her too.. heee, it’s hilarious

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