Not Feeling Good

This weekend I wasn’t feeling too well. Friday night, Homer and I were planning on going to bars on Sunset. Turned out I was having the worst stomach ache ever and I couldn’t even get off bed. Well, the plan to have a fabulous night in town flopped. So we ended up staying home and went back to Rowland Heights later.

Last night, after finishing a cup of boba tea, I suddenly felt like all the boba I swallowed was rolling up and down in my stomach. It created a dizzy feeling toward my head and everything in my tummy was about to come out from my mouth any second. This feeling continued throughout dinner. It was the worst feeling that watching plates of food in front of you and you couldn’t even eat them. Things got worse when I couldn’t sleep because of a upset stomach. At 4 am, I began to make up a poem for a sleepless night in my head. But when I woke up this morning, all the sick feelings disappeared. Therefore, the poem disappeared from my head as well.

Tonight, we’re going to a show performed by Sally Kellerman. Who’s Sally Kellerman? I had no idea who she was before too! I got the tickets just because they’re free if I use my American Express (I still had to pay $7 processing fee though). I did some research on her this morning. Apparently, she is a famous actress/singer who appeared in many movies and TV shows (including M*A*S*H), also won Oscar nomination and Golden Globe awards. Anyone who’s interested about her can go to .I’ve been thinking about going to those art performances/jazz bars/comedy clubs for a long time. Living in LA give us so many doors to those night life/art/culture aspects of this city. We should take more advantage of it. Therefore, tomorrow night I also booked tickets to go see a show at House of Blues. Fri night hopefully we can catch a comedy show at The Comedy Store on Sunset or just go to any jazz bars to hang out. Hopefully I can live up to my wishes of being more diversified in my interests.

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  1. jenichen Post author

    Hey amber! sorry you weren’t feeling too well. I hope you’re felling better now. It sounds so exciting to expand your horizons and go out and enjoy LA!!! I’m so jealous! You and Homer there have lots of fun now 😉 !!!! Have lots of fun for me too

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