Nonstop Rain

Rain…storm…flood…landslide…tornado….that’s the LA weather for the past few days. Gosh..I’ve never seen southern California with this much rain before. This is the 3rd biggest rainfall in the history.

I was actually in Bay Area this 3 day weekend and I didn’t get to witness the scary storm here. But according to the news, several houses destroyed by landslides and few people got killed. 101 freeway was closed because one section was totally flooded last night. Many cars were stuck with water creeping into their cars. And the unheard of tornado appeared  in beach area. Tornado!! Here in always sunny Southern Cali! This is really crazy weather. The rain gotta stop!

Ok, I have to stop vamping. I flew back home by Jet Blue on Friday night and came back last night. Jet Blue provides very great service. Their planes are newer. Each seat has individual TV monitor and we got to watch free TV. Instead of the usual peanut butter and one cup of beverage like Southwest, we got crackers, chips and chocolate chip cookies as choices and one whole can of soda! Too bad Jet Blue is a bit more expensive and they only fly to Long Beach, which is a lot farther from me.

I merely go back home this weekend to visit our family dentist. My American dentist here told me my back teeth started to have gaps in between the teeth and the old silver fill-ins. If I don’t put crowns on top to protect them, I could have cavity underneath and eventually will have to do root canals. Then she asked for $4,000 for total of 6 teeth’s work! Of course I’m not going to pay for that! My insurance company considered them cosmetic works so they won’t pay either. So I had to ask for 2nd opinion. My family dentist assured me that my teeth is fine and my American dentist here are totally trying to get money from me. But eventually I still have to get new crowns on all those old fill-ins. It’s time to look for better dental insurance!

Other than those, I spend most of my 3 day weekend at home due to the constant rain. My home area didn’t rain that much. It rains and stops once in awhile. But I still prefer to stay in the warm indoors instead of freezing myself up. Now I’m just praying for the sun to appear soon! We’re going to go hiking this Saturday. I don’t want to see muddy trails or mud slides in the mountains!