Mystery of the Library

Something strange happened in our library. We have an unisex bathroom in our building where you can only turn the switch from inside. There is no key hole on the outside so you couldn’t lock the door from the outside.

Since last Thursday, that bathroom has been locked from inside. We tried knocking and banging the door. It appears there’s no one in there. We tried climbing in from the window too. But the window seems to be secured from the inside as well. Since there’s no key hole, we don’t have a key to the bathroom nor can we pick the lock. Our facility people came and took a look at it. They have no clue how to open this door either.

What’s even more strange is that someone saw the bathroom light was on on Thursday night. But now the light appears to be turned off. How did this happened?

-Did someone lock the door from inside then climb out from the window? (but then how did they lock the window from inside?)

-A bird flew in, accidentally turn the switch and lock the door. Then a strong wind shut the window! (I know that’s a bit far fetch!)

-Someone went in there and passed out inside……

I don’t know what they’re going to do…..I hope they won’t find a body inside when they open the door…..

Update: Later we realized the window is actually open. A janitor climbed into the window and unlocked the door from inside. There was no body in there. It would be freaky it there is one. We figured it’s some high school kids doing a joke on us, trying to break into the library after hours. geez…

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  1. haha, u had me freaked out til i read the update. too bad it wasn’t as exciting as it could’ve been. heh.

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