My Stereo Stolen!

Today is the worst day ever! This morning when I woke up, I feel my entire body was sore and aching. My head was spinning around and I feel like I would vomit anytime. However, I still managed to go to eat Dim Sum with Simpson and his mom. Afterwards, it got worse. So I had to go home and rest for the entire afternoon and didn’t get any study done! Why is that every time I have a major test coming up I would get sick? Now I’m even having a fever. My whole body feels warm and my eyes are burning with heat! I really hope I would get better soon cuz I seriously need to finish some studying!

The worst thing happened later today. Simpson went out to buy dinner for me and found out someone had stole my stereo! I ran to my car and saw the entire car stereo are gone, plus my folders of all my MP3 CD’s. My four years of collection of MP3 are all gone!!  The thief took out everything in my drawer and spread them around the floor. Good thing there wasn’t anything valuable inside, just some car registration and insurance. I don’t understand why would they take my stereo? It wasn’t even a good one! Just some cheap stereo! And my MP3are all Chinese MP3. Who would listen to that?

I called my mom and complained to her. She just lightly told me it’s nothing that valuable and comforted me not to think too much about it! But I’m still mad! I’m so furious with whoever broke into my car! He better not show up in front of me or I would totally kick his ass!!!

Man, maybe this year is a bad year for me. So far I had so much car troubles already! Next time I get a car I would definitely install those car alarms and be careful not to leave anything inside the car!

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    hey just sitting around bored and surfing random xangas … well stopped by yours and just saying hello … well hope you have a great weekend

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